Now in its second revision, the 60TK is  more versatile then ever.

Dual belt slots allow you to position the holster over belt loops and pull the pistol close to your body for optimal concealment. A full-length molded in front sight track guides your sight through the holster during the draw. Metal reinforcement stabilizes the mouth of the holster to keep it firm after the break-in period. Detailed hand- molding provides a perfect 

fit and helps reduce bulk. Because of its extreme high ride design, the #60TK is not suitable for all weapons. 

Currently available for the 1911 and variants, Browning Hi-power, Beretta 92 series full size and compact versions and some Smith & Wesson semi-autos. NOT available for Glocks! Colors are black, cordovan and natural (tan)

60TK cowhide $106
60TKH horsehide $116
60TKHS horsehide with shark trim $137.50

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