Bruce Nelsons "Professional" is possibly the most copied holster design second only to his "Summer Special".

 In the 70's,  Bruce's then involvement in law enforcement precluded him from keeping up with the demand for his work. Milt asked, and was given permission to produce both the Summer Special and the Profesional designs. Milt made improvements on the originals with the addition of stitched in sight rails. Milt also added a reinforced mouth band to his 

version of the Professional and aptly named it the "55BN", the BN of course is for Bruce Nelson.

During a Phone conversation with Bruce several months before his untimely death, he commented that to his knowledge, we were the only holster manufacturer that ever gave him the recognition and credit for the use of his designs. In honor of Bruce's memory and as a tribute to his "Professional", we introduce the NLG or "Nelson Legacy".

Using the same thin layered construction that we utilize with the Heritage the NLG has a smooth finish both inside the holster and out. The lamination and detailed hand molding results in a thin, compact and very firm holster with excellent retention.

Available in:
"A" straight drop (strongside or crossdraw)
"C" muzzle to the rear (FBI cant) for strongside use.

Model: NLG, Price $149

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