As I have developed our ideas on inside the waistband carry over the years, it seems the designs kept getting more complex, and as a result more expensive to produce. Our Watch Six holster is our attempt to get back to the basics of design, while maintaining the quality and function that Milt Sparks holsters customers have come to expect.

Please note:  Over the last few years, I have read a few reviews that have been unfavorable when comparing the Watch Six to similar items you can find elsewhere. I feel I should put things into perspective on this.

 First and foremost, the WS-1 is NOT, nor was it ever meant to be the benchmark of Milt Sparks quality! The Watch Six (WS-1) was originally conceived as an economical and less labor intensive alternative to the rest of our more expensive, premium line of IWB holsters. 

The devil of course, is in the details. 

Unlike with the rest of our IWB line, we do not hand bone the weapon details into the leather of the WS-1, nor do use the same proprietary construction method that is typical Milt Sparks. That doesn't mean that the WS-1 isn't constructed and finished properly. Just a little differently than what we normally do. Performance wise, the WS-1 will perform as well as any other Milt Sparks holsters.



The Watch Six or WS-1 is constructed entirely of lightweight horsehide and does not utilize the reinforced mouth-band feature of our other IWB models. The lack of that feature makes it the thinnest IWB holster that we have to offer, and very possibly the thinnest IWB holster available anywhere. Because of the stiffness of the horsehide, one handed re-holstering with the WS-1 is easily accomplished. To ensure the mouth of the holster retains it shape over time and remains open, we offer the following recommendations. 

When putting the holster on or taking it off, it is recommended that the pistol always be in the holster.

It is imperative that the belt never be tightened over the holster without first having the gun in place.

It is not a good idea to remove the gun from the holster while sitting down over extended periods. If you would rather not wear the gun while sitting, then the holster should be removed with the gun.

These recommendations apply not only to the WS-1, but  to any  IWB holster. 

Over a period of time (YMMV), the un-reinforced mouth of the WS-1 may begin to close when the gun is withdrawn.  Even then, the design of the WS-1 will still allow you to wedge the gun into the holster one handed, with little effort. 

The loops on the WS-1 are interchangeable, but not with any of our other IWB models.  The unique feature of the loop attachment of the WS-1 is that it works in the same manner as our 4-C series snap loop. This combined with the generous spacing of the two offset loops creates a very stable platform for your personal sidearm. 

The WS-1 is available in belt sizes 1¼, 1½ and 1¾ inches in width. The WS-1 is  not adaptable to the tuckable Kydex clips of our model VM-2.

Colors are offered in black or cordovan only.  

WS-1  horsehide $95
WSL extra loops $11



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