Milt designed the original Hackathorn Special in the mid 70’s and named it after his friend and fellow IPSC founder, Ken Hackathorn. The Hackathorn Special was a high-ride, muzzle-forward rig for 1911's that incorporated the adjustable tension welt that was the heart of our 200AW and Gold Label rigs.

 Today the Hackathorn Special is no longer available for semi-autos, but the concept and name have evolved into this highly popular revolver holster. The main difference between the HSR and 200AW holsters is the absence of the hammer shroud on the HSR. Also, the 200AW is not offered in the muzzle forward configuration, which makes the HSR ideal for those who prefer a cross-draw holster for hunting or field use.

Standard cant is muzzle forward (cross-draw). Straight drop or muzzle to the rear (pictured) available on request. Please specify when ordering.

The HSR is available for most revolvers with barrel lengths up to 7½ ". It can be fitted to belts up to 2" wide. Colors available are black, cordovan or natural (tan) 


Model: HSR unlined $135

Options available: (add to above price)

LND lining (double thickness 6-7oz. cowhide) $35
BSK basket stamping $50
DS decorative stitching (loop and diamond) $30
BS border stamping $30
SH sharkskin $90 + $20 an inch over 5"  


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