Nex-us.  1. a means of connection.

The Nexus was the first to feature our self closing, neodymium magnetic belt loop system.
The magnetic loop closures have the same holding attributes as the traditional one-way snap, but are much easier to align and fasten to the belt. The steel cup portion of the magnetic closure shields the belt from putting direct pressure on the loop connection that might cause accidental separation as sometimes happens with regular snaps. And because there is no need to allow for additional space inside the loop as would be necessary to work the one-way snap, a closer belt loop, to belt fit can be had.

Other features include:

  • Cowhide/horsehide construction, with the horse being on the body side of the holster where it works best to help repel body moisture. See our FAQ on horsehide vs cow

  • No exposed metal hardware on the body side of the holster.

  • Offset front and back construction which depending on the model of gun, puts 70% to 90% of the guns molded features on the side facing out, leaving the back of the holster flatter for greater user comfort.

  • Single layer horsehide, winged mounting loop attachments, separated from the main holster body that allow the holster to easily flex and form to accommodate different body sizes/shapes.

  • Approximate 25° cant on 1911. Compared to the 18° cant of the model VM-2 for 1911.

  • Rides as low as possible in the waistband while still allowing for a full firing grip on initial hand contact.

  • Available in either all rough-side-out (RSO), natural finish, or smooth-side-out (SSO), black. Loop colors are limited to either black, or tan.

Right now the Nexus is only available for the 1911 models, and Glocks and soon to be available for Sigs, M&P's and XD's.

NEX Rough-side-out natural, or smooth side out black finishes. $125
NEX-SH - Shark throat patch and loops RSO or SSO . $155
NEX-SHL - Nexus w/ Shark LOOPS ONLY. $145
NEX-EL - Elephant throat patch and loops RSO or SSO . $175
NEX-ELL - Nexus w/ Elephant LOOPS ONLY $165
SCL - Extra self closing loop for Nexus holster. $31

Please note: Mounting hole spacing for the Nexus, is the same as the VM-2 and CR1 which means the loops will interchange between those models.


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