New for "2000" is our improved version of our model PCH-R. Now called the PCH-RI, the improved version retains all the desirable features of the original, but now provides complete leather coverage of the gun.

The design of the PCH-RI positions the revolver back towards the centerline of the pocket allowing a forward to rear, thin edge to thin edge profile on the holster. The unformed outer shell obscures details of the weapon that's carried within. The holster's shape and size, combined with rough side out construction on the inner shell, assure that the holster remains within the pocket while you're drawing your weapon.

Perhaps the most unique feature of this holster is our use of a malleable wire insert, which we laminate into the perimeter of the holster. This allows the user to shape and mold the outer edge as needed to achieve optimal concealment, and an individual custom fit. Instructions are included with each holster.

Designed around the hammer-less S&W 2" J frame it is also available for the 2" D framed Colts (Detective spec.) or 2" Ruger SP-101. For pocket carry the bobbed hammer / DAO or shrouded hammer versions of these guns are highly recommended.

Model: PCH-RI, Price $90
Add $40 for shark trim


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