Lay your belt on a flat surface. Keep the belt in its natural curve. From where the buckle is attached, measure in a straight line to the hole that you are now using. Please remember when ordering add extra length as needed for any holster or accessory that will be worn in the waistband. Any extra length that is needed is to be determined by you according to your specific needs. Although there is not a set formula, up to 2 inches of extra length will usually suffice for an inside the waistband holster. All belts are made to a whole size. Move up or down on your measurement to a whole number that is appropriate to your needs if you come up with a fractional length (example 39.5”).

The most accurate method of determining the proper length is to take a measurement with the actual gear you will be carrying in place. If you do not already have an IWB holster, you can always tuck your un-loaded weapon into the waistband where you intend to carry. With your belt in place over the gun, take note of which hole you are now in and measure your belt as described above. The same instructions would apply to any other accessories you may wish to carry. The measurement that you provide to us will be the center hole on your new belt. We provide five holes as standard on our belts.

Please feel free to give us a call for any clarification you may need on how to measure. 208-377-5577