Designed by the late Bruce Nelson, the Summer Special has become the classic IWB holster by which all others are judged.

With permission from Bruce, Milt began producing the Summer Special to help meet the demand that Bruce was unable to fulfill due to his involvement in law enforcement. Milt initially improved on the design by adding sight rails and then again later with the addition of a second belt loop. The S/S features a metal stiffener in the top band, which allows for effortless one handed holstering. Belt loops are secured with one-way directional snaps. The rough out leather help to grip the clothing for secure positioning and the smooth interior is easier on your gun’s finish.

The Summer Special comes standard with two belt loops, except for small revolvers and some small autos, which come with a single loop. As a retro option, we can offer the single loop version of the S/S for the Colt Commander as Bruce Nelson originally designed it (see picture) but that option will have to be specified when ordering.

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Model S/S –  $155
Model S/S Retro (Single loop, Commander only) – $155

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It is my privilege to have known Milt Sparks, and to have a continuing relationship with Tony Kanaley at Milt Sparks Leather. I have carried a handgun for personal protection almost every day of my life since 1968, and I have without a doubt carried the Summer Special more than any other system, since I “found” this holster in 1978. As always in the past, I unreservedly and strongly recommend the holsters and equipment of Milt Sparks Leather. I have and would bet my life on them.

Clint Smith
Director, Thunder Ranch, Inc.
President, International Training Consultants, Inc.
Mountain Home, Texas