We are currently offering special edition 200AWs and 1ATs. They are beautifully hand carved by a local saddle maker of our acquaintance and built in our shop. These hand carved holsters are offered in natural tan and black. Matching belts and accessories are also available. Please call our shop for more details and pricing.

The heart of our model #200AW is the adjustable tension welt that was first developed by Hank Sloan of the FBI. Since the tension welt bears against the frame just in front of the trigger guard, resistance is overcome early in the draw stroke. This design provides for a secure fit yet smooth draw.

Elmer Keith also had a hand in this design by requesting that a shroud be incorporated to help prevent sharp checkered hammers from wearing holes in his jacket liners.

Because of its heavy-duty design, the #200AW is best described as being a field or range type holster.

In construction we use two layers of 6½ -7oz vegetable tanned leather bonded and stitched together, leaving the smooth finish on the inside and outside of the holster. The adjustable slotted welt is skived and tapered to prevent the welt from backing out once the screw is tightened. It is then meticulously hand stitched in place for long lasting durability.

The #200AW is available for most medium to large frame revolvers with barrel lengths up to 7½” and can be fitted to belts up to 2″ in width. Standard cant is muzzle to the rear (FBI), straight drop available on request. Colors available are black or natural tan.

All prices include shipping and handling unless otherwise noted.

Cowhide 200AW shown in black.

Hand carved 200AW shown in black.

200AW trimmed in shark.

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Model: 200AW – Standard, Cowhide – $245
Model: 200AW – Fully trimmed in shark. – $365 (+ $20 an inch over 5″)
Model: 200AW – Fully trimmed in elephant. – $450 (+ $30 an inch over 5″)

Options available for standard 200AW:

Additional Length Charge in cowhide (over 6″) per inch $20
BSK – Basket stamping – $50
 – Decorative stitching (loop and diamond) $40
BS – Border stamping $30

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