Shown in natural tan cowhide with FBI rake.

Belt tunnel on the backside of the 55BN with FBI rake

The 55BN is an all time Milt Sparks classic and one of our best designs for range work or everyday carry.

Bruce Nelson’s “Professional” is arguably one of the most copied holster designs in the industry (right up there with his “Summer Special” model).

Literally every maker/manufacturer offers some kind of version of it. The Professional’s heritage is characterized by the unique combination of a sewn belt tunnel and punched rear belt slot mounting arrangement that is designed to lever the butt of the gun in tight to the body. Although Bruce originally conceptualized the use of his “Professional” model as a cross draw holster, the design has proven to function equally well as strong-side holster.

Today, the 55BN carries on the time tested features of the original design with the addition of a metal reinforced mouth, sewn in sight rails and detail molded to your specific firearm.

Because of Nelson’s involvement in law enforcement at the time, he was unable to fulfill the demand for his holsters. With his permission in the early 1970’s, Milt began producing his version of the Professional named the 55BN (the BN for Bruce Nelson).

Standard cowhide 55BNs are available in natural tan and black. Horsehide is only available in black.  Choose your preferred rake:  FBI or Straight Drop.

All prices include shipping and handling unless otherwise noted.

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55BN – Cowhide. – $170
 – Horsehide. – $175
 – Horsehide with shark trim. – $205
55BNHE – Horsehide with elephant trim. – $280

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55BNH (horsehide) in black and straight drop

Belt tunnel on the backside of the 55B in straight drop rake

Dan Wesson DWX in 55BNHS.

Colt Government by KGB Customs in 55BNHE.