Shown in black with shark trim.

Our Axiom features a unique pair of offset belt loops with dual snap closures. This allows you to easily attach and remove the holster from the belt without actually having to undo your belt. The dual snap closures serve to provide an additional level of on the belt security over the single snap closure that is typical of this type of holster. We use one set of directional snaps and one set of “hard fasten” style snaps on the loops for security. Because of the offset belt loop design, the weight of the firearm is spread over a larger area of the belt, making the firearm feel lighter.

The Axiom belt loops are sized to fit snugly on our 1 ½” gun belt*, which in our experience is ideal for outside the waistband carry. The Axiom features an approximate 20 degree muzzle to the rear cant to aid in concealment.

We are currently making the Axiom for the 1911 platform and its variants, Glock 17/22, Glock 19/23, Glock 43, Smith and Wesson Shield and Springfield Armory XDS series. It is also available for J and K frame Smith and Wesson revolvers up to 3″ barrels.

Shown in natural tan. S-4C magazine carrier available separately.

Axiom for revolver, black with elephant trim.

We are currently offering a special edition Axiom. The details are beautifully hand carved by a local saddle maker of our acquaintance and built in our shop. These hand carved holsters are offered in natural tan and black. Matching belts and accessories are also available. Please call our shop for more details and pricing.

All prices include shipping and handling unless otherwise noted.

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AX – Cowhide – $195
AX-SH – Cowhide with Shark loops and trim – $265
AX-EL – Cowhide with Elephant loops and trim – $330

The Axiom is not available in horsehide.

* Our gun belts are equal to or just shy of a ¼” in thickness. As long as the belt you will be using falls within this specification, your belt should work. We’ve been informed by customers that some makers produce belts that are marginally to significantly thicker than our gun belts and for that reason we cannot guarantee a proper fit of the Axiom to those particular makes.

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