Staccato P Duo in a black OM-1

Glock 19 in a natural tan OM-1

Based on our 55BN model, the OM1 uses the same time proven belt slot and tunnel design from our 55BN and PMK holsters. While the OM1 lacks a metal reinforced mouth, it does not lack in ability. Made from premium 8-9oz cowhide and featuring stitched in sight rails, the OM1 is generously cut down to accommodate most popular firearm and MRDS (miniature red dot sights) combinations. Using premium cowhide allows the mouth of the holster to stay open for ease of holstering and longevity. Stitched in sight rails allows for clearance of the tallest front sights. Available in your choice of natural tan or black for color and 1.25”, 1.5” or 1.75” belt widths.

Made with a straight drop rake to allow for ease and efficiency of drawing and comfort, the OM1 is a great option for range use or everyday carry. Formed and detail molded for your exact model of firearm ensures that the gun stays secure in the holster but still allows for a smooth draw.

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