Black cowhide

If you’re looking for a concealed carry OWB style holster for your double action revolver, look no further.

This holster carries the initials of Tony Kanaley’s wife. Tony originally designed it to help keep the grip of his wife’s Detective Special from digging into her ribcage. The PMK is similar in appearance to our 55BN model but allows the gun to sit a bit lower on the belt.

Each holster is meticulously hand molded around the actual model of the revolver it is meant to carry. The mouth of the holster features a fully covered metal reinforcing band to provide rigidity and long lasting durability. The belt slot and rear loop are positioned so as to pull the weapon as close to the body as possible. While primarily a revolver holster, on occasion we will suggest the PMK as a substitute to the 55BN when being made for smaller semi autos. The PMK is currently available for most double action revolvers with barrel lengths of up to 4 inches.

Available in natural tan or black.

Shown in natural tan

Shark trimmed PMK trimmed in black.

Black PMK trimmed in elephant.

All prices include shipping and handling unless otherwise noted.

Browse for in stock PMKs

PMK – Cowhide – $170
PMK-SH – Cowhide with shark trim – $190
PMK-EL – Cowhide with elephant trim – $245

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