PCH in black for a Seecamp.

Backside view of the PCH.

Pocket Concealment Holster (PCH). Sometimes carrying a full or medium sized firearm is hindered because of wardrobe requirements or environment. In these situations, a pocket holster and a smaller firearm can be a good compromise. Pocket carry also makes for an excellent means to carry a backup gun. Made to be worn in the front pocket and designed to stay in your pocket while the gun is drawn, our PCH can help resolve some of those concealment challenges.

We construct the PCH with a rough side out, unmolded horsehide outer shell and a molded, rough side out cowhide shell against the leg. This helps break up the outline of the firearm and retains the holster in the pocket. The PCH is detail molded to your firearm. The addition of a thin wire insert like used in our PCH-RI, allows the user to mold the edge of the holster to his or her specific requirements.

Available for North American Arms mini revolver, Seecamp, and similar size pocket autos.

All prices include shipping and handling unless otherwise noted.

Model: PCH, Price $96
Add $40 for shark trim
Add $65 for elephant trim

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