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55 Year Anniversary Stickers

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Milt had been making various leather items throughout the 1960s, but 1969 was the year that he started making his living as a holster maker. 2024 is our 55th anniversary of being in business and we are happy to still be around. To celebrate this milestone, we are offering a package of stickers that reference our legacy and our Idaho roots.

The first sticker is our interpretation of Idaho’s 1969 license plate. For those of us who have been around in Idaho long enough, we fondly remember the retro green on white license plate that Idaho used for decades. This sticker features our own spin on the state motto about our most well-known root vegetable. Milt was living in and founded the first location of our shop in Idaho City, about 45 miles away from our current location. “6B” is the county designation for Boise County, which Idaho City is the county seat of.

The second sticker references our anniversary as well as one of the versions of the iconic road sign of Idaho State Highway 55. This is another nostalgic Idaho symbol for many of our current makers who grew up locally.

The last sticker features a logo that pops up occasionally on some of our vintage swag. There are some blue windbreaker style jackets in existence with this logo on them. They are hard to come by these days, so we put the image on this sticker instead. The image features a vintage Sparks rig with a belt, a 1DC mag carrier and our 1AT holster.

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