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Kydex Clips - Fits VM-2, Criterion & Nexus

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Kydex clips can be used to convert the VM-2, Criterion and Nexus holsters into a tuckable IWB holster. Includes hardware.

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VMKC Instructions on use:

We recommend breaking in your holster with belt loops for the best results. With your UNLOADED pistol, first check the holster for fit. If your gun will insert easily into the holster or without too much effort, then you are ready to move on to the next step. If the fit is overly tight and it is difficult to draw the pistol from the holster, then a little blocking out of the holster is in order. You should call us at (208) 377-5577 for instructions on how best to do this. As soon as a smooth, efficient draw from the holster can be achieved, you can then change over to the Kydex clips. By breaking in the holster first, you will minimize any risk of the holster coming out with the gun when using the Kydex clips. Please note: The hooks on the Kydex clips are designed to grip the UPPER seam on the waistband of your trousers, they DO NOT attach over your belt. Once the holster is attached to the waistband of your pants, you string the belt over the top of the clips to help conceal them and support the weight of the firearm.

To avoid breakage of the clips, be careful not to overly pry the clip open when attaching and removing them from the waistband.

To install the Kydex clips on the holster:

  • Remove belt loops using the provided hex key. The belt loops are affixed to the holster using 2 screws; one long screw that secures the snap post and one short screw with a finish washer that is under the loop itself. You will reuse the short screw and finish washer in the last step.
  • The clips come with the bottom screw installed (the screw can be seen on the backside of the clip) and is accessed using the through hole in the middle of the clip. Use caution as these screws can easily fall out and be difficult to put back in place. Place the clip over the mounting posts on the holster and start the lower screw into the lower threaded post using the provided hex key. Be sure that the mounting posts are aligning properly with the holes in the clips. Some minor flexing of the holster may be needed to get everything lined up. Use caution when screwing the clip in place as the t-nuts can be easily stripped. No portion of the clips should extend above the holster and the ride height will remain the same as using the belt loops. If your holster is riding lower after installing the clips, they are upside down and will not function properly.
  • Secure the upper portion (single layer of Kydex) of the clip by using the small screw and finish washer from the belt loops that you initially removed.

We recommend placing the belt loops and remaining hardware (long screws and snap posts) in the plastic bag that the clips arrived in to keep all your hardware in one place.

The clip has two portions; one longer section, which will retain your shirt and a smaller section that will grip the upper seam of your waistband. Some blending and blousing of the shirt will be needed to get everything to look right. When using the VM-2 in the shirt-tucked-in mode, it is a good idea to wear a lightweight sleeveless T-shirt under your cover shirt as a barrier between you and the gun. The VM-2 is designed for strong side, behind the hip use. Drawing the weapon is accomplished by grabbing a handful of shirt around the gun, pulling upwards. The support hand should retain the shirt out of the way for establishing a firing grip and drawing as normal. Be sure to practice drawing with an unloaded firearm (triple checked) in a safe direction. Go slowly at first so that you do not muzzle any portion of your body while drawing. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

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