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The Book of Two Guns by Tiger McKee

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In memorial of Tiger McKee: These books were in a shipment that Tiger received days before he passed away in April of 2023. Unlike previous copies we have had for sale, he did not have time to sign these before he passed on.

The Book Of Two Guns is a compilation of notes from one man's decade long journey through firearms training, beginning as a student and then on to becoming a nationally recognized instructor. Although never intended for publication, this "diary" features Tiger McKee's own handwriting and illustrations. The Book of Two Guns offers a look at the weapons, techniques and practices that he found to be viable. Tiger McKee is the founder and director of Shootrite Firearms Academy in Langston, Alabama.

While primarily written about the 1911 and AR-15 platforms, the information can be applied across many different weapon systems. Spanning 172 pages this book covers a variety of topics from mindset, gear selection, weapons manipulation and tactics. Well written descriptions and unique illustrations guide you along Tiger's journey.

Foreword by Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch

Printed in the USA.

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