Have you ever noticed how an old favorite broken-in belt has a slight curve to it? Andy Anderson did years ago and introduced the contoured gun belt as part of his then state-of-the-art gunfighter rigs. We have been cutting our belts on a contour since Milt first began making belts to go with his holsters. The reason becomes apparent the minute you put it on: comfort.

It is said that a house is only as good as the foundation upon which it is built. The same logic should be applied when selecting a belt destined to carry the weight of your personal sidearm. The thin, designer-type belts commonly sold in department stores may look nice and do a fine job holding your pants up, but lack the strength required to adequately support the weight of a holstered weapon. Another consideration that cannot be overemphasized is that a holster functions best when properly fitted to the belt which will carry the handgun. Even the best made holster and belt combo will not perform satisfactorily if it is not sized appropriately to work as a unit.

Our belts are constructed from two layers of Grade A vegetable tanned cowhide cut from the bend. We then bond and stitch the two layers together to form a belt that will support the weight of your firearm all day long. Our belts are rigid enough to support even the largest of handguns yet remain comfortable.

All of our belts are made according to your specifications. Please follow the directions below and measure your belt size accurately. This is important as we cannot accept exchanges on belts made to the size indicated on your order. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Natural Tan


Tapered Ends

Decorative Stitched, Natural Tan

Decorative Stitched, Black

Border Stamped

Basket Stamped



Belt widths available: 1.25″, 1.50″ and 1.75″ Colors: black or natural tan.

Browse for in stock belts here.

Model 1B: Double thickness cowhide. – $138 – Add $4 per inch of length over 45″

Options (add to price of 1B)

BSK – Basket stamped (Only available on 1.5″ and 1.75″ belts.) – $65
BS – Border stamped – $45
DS – Decorative stitching, loop and diamond (Only available on 1.5″ and 1.75″ belts.) – $55
TE – Tapered ends. (Only available on 1.5″ and 1.75″ belts.) – $30

Sharkskin Belts: Available in black only.
1.25″ – $235
1.5″ – $275
1.75″ – $295
For belts over 44″, add $8.00 per inch. 48″ maximum length.

Elephant belt: Available in black only.
1.25″ – $375
1.5″ – $395
1.75″ – $415
For belts over 44″, add $16.00 per inch. 48″ maximum length.

All prices include shipping and handling unless otherwise noted.