Sig Sauer P365 show in black with elephant trim.

Due to the lower ride height and extra rake, the Criterion is NOT available for firearms with optics. Please call the shop if you have any questions regarding holster selection for pistols with optics.

Our Criterion model was developed in response to customers who prefer the rake and ride height of our Nexus model but desired a metal reinforced mouth for easier one handed holstering.

The Criterion features our self closing neodymium magnetic belt loop system which has the same holding attributes as our traditional one-way snap but is much easier to align and fasten to the belt.

The Criterion is currently available for 1911s, Glock and Sig P229 and P320 Carry/Compact firearms.

Other features include:

  • 100% Grade A cowhide construction, cut from the bend of the hide.
  • A full metal reinforced mouth-band to aid in safe one-handed holstering of your sidearm.
  • A protective back flap to help keep safeties and sharp edges away from your body.
  • Designed to be free from any exposed metal hardware on the body side of the holster that could come into contact with the users’ skin.
  • Approximate 25° cant on 1911 models, compared to the 18° – 20° cant of our model VM-2 for 1911.
  • The Criterion is designed to ride as low as possible in the waistband while still allowing for a full firing grip on initial hand contact.
  • As with all of our holster models, plenty of clearance is provided around the magazine release button to keep the release from being inadvertently depressed.
  • Available in either all rough side out (RSO) natural finish or smooth side out (SSO), black or natural tan.

Criterion in natural tan for Wilson Combat EDC X9.

Black Criterion with Commander.

Trimmed in shark for a Gen 5 Glock 19.

All prices include shipping and handling unless otherwise noted.

Browse for in stock Criterions here.

CR1  Rough side out in natural tan only. Smooth side out available in black or natural tan finish. – $210
CR1-SH  Shark mouth-band reinforcement and loops RSO or SSO. – $250
CR1-EL  Elephant mouth-band reinforcement and loops RSO or SSO. – $360

SCL  Extra self closing loop for Criterion, Nexus and Versa Max 2 holsters. – $40
SCLS  Extra set self closing loop in shark for Criterion, Nexus and Versa Max 2 holsters. – $65
VMCK  Kydex clip set for model VM-2. – $30

Mounting hole spacing for the Criterion is the same as the VM-2 and NEX which means the loops and tuckable style Kydex clips will interchange between the three models.

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