Shown in natural tan.

The 60TK is our highest riding* outside the waistband holster. The dual belt slots allow the holster to straddle over a belt loop for optimal positioning and concealment. A full-length, molded in front sight track guides your front sight through the holster during the draw. The mouth of the holster is metal reinforced to aid in effortless holstering of your sidearm and to keep the mouth firm long after the break-in period. Detailed hand molding provides a perfect fit and helps reduce bulk. Because of its extreme high ride design, the 60TK is not suitable for all firearms.

The 60TK is currently available for the 1911, Commander and the Browning Hi-power.
*High riding holsters are not for everyone, and careful consideration should be exercised with this design. Body type plays a large role in comfort. If you are built with a short torso, this design may place the firearm too high and cause discomfort or difficulty in drawing the firearm. If you have any questions about choosing the right holster, please give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your options.

Cowhide holsters are available in black or natural tan. Horsehide holsters are only available in black.

Black 60TK with S-4C magazine carrier that is available separately.

All prices include shipping and handling unless otherwise noted.

60TK – Cowhide – $170
60TKH – Horsehide – $180
60TKHS – Horsehide with shark trim – $210
60TKHE – Horsehide with elephant trim – $285

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